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Investing in our people

Investors in People (IiP) is an international standard which recognises organisations committed to developing their most important assets, their people, through structured and successful people development strategies and interventions.  It sets out a level of good practice for the management and development of people to achieve business goals.  

Metropolitan Health has been a proud bearer of the IiP badge since 2003. This standard gives Metropolitan Health  the confidence that we subscribe to international best practice with regard to how we lead, manage and develop our people.

The Standard provides a framework of good practices for improving business performance and competitiveness, through a planned approach of setting and communicating business objectives and developing people to meet these objectives.

IiP is cyclical and engenders a culture of continuous improvement. IiP accredited organisations generally have one thing in common - a firm belief that making an investment in people yields returns to their clients and business in general. Some of the other characteristics common to IiP organisations include:


  • A clear and shared vision and strategic objectives
  • Widespread commitment to excellence in quality and customer service
  • Regular communication, extensive measurement of performance and effective cost control
  • Empowering the workforce and willingness to delegate responsibility
  • Consistent management practices
  • Effective involvement of the workforce so that they can contribute to innovation and the continuous improvement of the organisation.

As we have done since 2003, Metropolitan Health  will continue to subscribe to the ethos of IiP as we lead, manage and develop our people into the future.