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About Metropolitan Wellness

Founded in 2007, our wellness business creates meaningful encounters that help people and businesses thrive. By combining the latest insights in health outcomes research, data analytics and consumer engagement, we improve organisational health and well-being, one person at a time. By engaging people in all aspects of life — physical, emotional, social, financial, intellectual — we inspire them to be their best selves. A responsive and client-focused company, we continuously look for ways to build more simple and effective solutions to our clients’ challenges.

We are passionate about what we do. We value listening, collaborating and generating breakthrough ideas. We believe in making things happen, measuring what works and learning from what does not. Our national footprint and professional health and wellness provider network provides the platform for the delivery of wellness services to worksites across South Africa.

When you sign up with us you get access to our extensive employee assistance, occupational healthcare and health risk management experience.

Our service offering

Strategic Solution Design and Consulting
  • Value Mapping
    Client engagement starts with the creation of a Client Value Map. Through this consultative process we set strategic objectives, plan tactics and establish success metrics to realise your vision. That way we create a shared sense of expected outcomes, delivering on your definition of success, not ours.

  • Culture and Behavioural Risk Assessments
    Our Culture and Behavioural Risk Assessment surveys provide a powerful place to start if you are implementing or upgrading your employee well-being initiative, or if you are looking to turn around an under-performing program.

  • Insights Reporting
    Reports tell you what happened. Insights help you determine what is next. We deliver reports that characterise your population, employee engagement patterns and risk trends over time. More importantly, we design dashboards to help you measure success against your key performance indicators. We help you shape and refine your strategy, course-correct your campaigns and help you gauge the value of your investment in health and well-being benefits.

Workplace Health and Wellness Solutions

Our integrated capability set is designed to manage all aspects of health and wellbeing in the workplace.

Engagement Solutions
  • Engagement Communications and Marketing Campaigns
    Behaviour-based messaging builds awareness and results. Shaped by your strategic goals, we build and execute a complete wellness communications strategy for your needs. Whether it is a communication strategy that applies to the entire workplace or targeted communications based on specific health needs, we know how to be compelling and engaging.

  • Wellness Challenges and Rewards
    To get your staff moving more, eating better and living a more balanced life, our Solution Design team will work with you to put together highly visible, engaging corporate challenges and reward programmes. Where you can reward participants directly or tie it in to your corporate social responsibility initiative by letting people compete for social good.

  • Predictive Interventions
    Benefiting from the leading edge of technology, we work closely with our health actuaries and machine learning boffins to predict risk and initiate early interventions that protect health and improve outcomes. Not all intervention is created equal. With us you get the kind that matters.