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Productivity management

Work absenteeism costs South African organisations billions of Rands each year. Absence from the workplace is often an indicator of underlying issues that are negatively affecting an employee's health. Proactive action is essential in addressing the growing impact of absenteeism on productivity. This impact is set to become even more acute with the shift towards the onset of chronic disease linked to lifestyle during working years.


Our Absenteeism and Incapacity Management (AIM) programme offers a comprehensive and proactive solution for managing sick and unscheduled absenteeism, and reduce vocational incapacity. The focus is on the early identification and proactive management of employees who are ill, injured or incapacited.


Our approach is based on a simple yet powerful 3-step methodology:


We leverage the latest tools, technologies and methodologies to combat the growing impact of absenteeism and vocational incapacity on productivity.