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Do you know the real cost of sick and unscheduled absence on your organisation? Absenteeism has a major knock-on effect, impacting negatively on productivity, staff morale and your organisation's bottom line. Quantifying and managing this impact is a strategic imperative for all successful organisations.


Our absenteeism management services:

  • measure and quantify the direct and indirect costs of absenteeism in your organisation
  • use absence profiling to proactively identify potential incapacity and disability, and abusive leave patterns
  • apply absentee profiling to identify occupational risks and hazards and promote workplace health and safety
  • assess your organisational risk profile
  • develop strategies to optimise productivity, organisational behaviour and organisational performance
  • identify workplace health needs and implement programmes to meet these needs



While absenteeism eats away at bottom-lines, the cost of presenteeism can be even more severe. Presenteeism is when employees are physically present at work but not fully engaged. Lack of engagement, largely due to physical or mental distress, drives major losses in productivity. Our integrated wellness solutions will help to offset the influence that presenteeism-related health conditions have on work engagement levels and productivity.