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About Metropolitan Health Technology

Metropolitan Health's investment in the latest technology is one of the reasons that the company is able to offer the most cost-effective healthcare, even in tough economic times. The company is constantly evolving new and innovative technologies to enhance the efficiency of its operation.

Over time, Metropolitan Health has built a strong reputation for the skilful use of cutting-edge technology. One example is the implementation of the Customer Communications Management System (CCMS) using a cutting edge innovative platform (OpenShift). CCMS facilitates client engagement, for example, the Membership Department is streamlined and allows real-time monitoring of communication at all levels which is essential to providing our customers with an exceptional engagement experience. OpenShift also allows the seamless integration of multiple systems and environments, ultimately improving the experience of the business and customers.

Metropolitan Health's Information Technology and Systems have been accredited according to the international Service Auditor Review standard for a number of years. The review is performed annually by external auditors and complies with the applicable South African and international accounting standards.

Metropolitan Health has also streamlined and improved its call centre operations using a combination of open-source software (Asterisk) and homegrown technology (Vitel) that optimises customer interactions in a rapidly changing business environment. By including the latest Artificial Intelligence technology (IBM Watson), we use a world class system such as Agent Assist, which puts us at the forefront of saving our customers time by understanding their exact needs. We are looking at ways to improve the service experience by ensuring that a customer will get all the help needed from just one operator.