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The World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared the Ebola virus outbreak an international public health emergency. This is the largest Ebola virus outbreak to date and will require international support to the affected countries and a co-ordinated response to control the outbreak and stop further spread.


Restoring Hope in Blikkiesdorp

Christmas Day 2011 saw Metropolitan Health together with The Taxi and Boundless Heart Foundation as they entered the community of Blikkiesdorp, to restore hope to the children of this community. Our dream was to remind these young children that they mattered and were cared for, that hope does spring eternal, and that Christmas Day could and would be special. read more...

E-technology: Adding value to members

With the swift advances in e-technology, it is important for brokers to keep abreast of the latest developments in this dynamic field and to encourage clients to actively utilise their medical scheme's online and mobile offerings to help them manage claims and save costs. read more...

Early enrolment on management programmes vital in fight against HIV/AIDS

"Nearly 75% of all new HIV positive enrolees have a CD4 count of less than 350. The impact on the schemes of late enrolment is huge, and finding ways to manage HIV/AIDS in the workplace and to improve early enrolment rates is vital."

This warning came from Siraaj Adams, Product Owner: Qualsa HIV, speaking at the Board of Healthcare Funders (BHF) conference held at Sun City from 22 - 25 August. read more...

TB Treatment Costing Medical Schemes R146 Million annually

Tuberculosis (TB) diagnosis and treatment cost Metropolitan Health Group (MHG) just under R146-million in 2009, with over 100 000 claims being registered in KwaZulu-Natal alone.

Gauteng showed the second highest incidence of the disease at close to 60 000 claims, with the Eastern and Western Cape third and fourth respectively, with under 20 000 claims.