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Metropolitan Wellness

Investing in the wellness of employees is a no brainer for innovative employers. Nowadays it's a strategic imperative in an increasingly stressful workplace and competitive market. Employees in wellness programmes are more engaged in their workplace, happier and more productive. When you give your employees value, they give it back to you in their work.


But are your wellness investments delivering on your targeted objectives and giving you bang for buck? Integration and innovation are key aspects of implementing successful health and wellness initiatives. This is why you need to talk to Metropolitan Wellness, the wellness experts at Metropolitan Health Risk Management.


Why us?

  • An integrated delivery model for a seamless service experience, proactive risk identification, early disease detection and sustained behaviour change.
  • Integration for a better return on every healthcare Rand spent.
  • Uniquely tailored and personalised health solutions, at employer and employee level.
  • Extensive experience in managing chronic diseases and HIV/AIDS, plus the ability to integrate wellness solutions and disease management for optimal impact.
  • Proactive productivity management solutions that reduce the impact of absenteeism and occupational disability on the bottomline.
  • Access to the expertise and capabilities across MMI Group companies. 
  • Innovation is in our DNA, and integral to the wellness solutions we develop.


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Let's talk about the difference Metropolitan Wellness can make to your wellness investments.